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Leading Edge Consulting Inc Becomes MSPAlliance Member

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“…We are honored to have Leading Edge Consulting Inc as a member of our association…

The MSPAlliance (MSPA) the International Association of Managed Service Providers (, today announced that Leading Edge Consulting Inc. has become a member of the MSPAlliance.
The MSPAlliance is the oldest Managed Services group and the only Accrediting and Standards based body for the Managed Services Industry.
With over 14,000 members world-wide, the MSPAlliance is a very powerful and influential global organization, working to promote the managed services industry to the business consumer. MSPAlliance member companies’ are able to achieve Green IT Certifications, Disaster Recovery Certifications, and ultimately achieve MSPAlliance Accredited Provider Status.

“We are honored to have Leading Edge Consulting Inc as a member of our association,” said Charles Weaver, MSPAlliance president.“By upholding the Managed Service Provider’s Code of Ethics and high technical standards, Leading Edge Consulting Inc will help ensure the integrity of our profession.

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