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  • 70% of all security incidents come from inside the company. Gartner
    About 60% of employees who quit a company, or are asked to leave, will steal data. Ponemon Institute

  • Systems fail because under qualified personnel utilize poor development principles and fail to recommend the appropriate corrective actions in timely fashion.

  • Not only do we understand the technology but more importantly we deliver real and tangible business results aligning with your operational business objectives.

  • Technology solutions are only part of the complete solution.
    It's about offering exceptional customer satisfaction driven by engaged employees that deliver superior service.

Why Companies Hire Us…

Leading Edge Consulting is an accredited Managed IT Service Provider, which proactively manages, maintains and assumes responsibility for your company's day-to-day IT service needs.

We offer certified IT consulting services to help address your technology needs to streamline your business operations.

Leading Edge Consulting is unique in the market place because of our secure services. This is achieved by ensuring that each employee is background checked and that they have completed data awareness and security training.

The confidentiality and privacy of your corporate data should be important to you. It is to us!

As technology continues to evolve, small and medium business' dependency on IT consultants to provide secure and trusted solutions and services become critical for maintaining daily operations and sustaining a competitive technology advantage."

Trust Us

People hire us…small and medium - size businesses.
It’s because computer-system failures impact and affect all of us.

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Believe Us

We are a managed service provider that manages, maintains and assumes responsibility for your company's computer needs.

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Turn To Us

Turn To Us

We are more than a managed service provider. We provide consulting services that streamline your business workflow.

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Connect With Us

Connect With Us

Each client is granted secure access to our Customer Portal where you can view real time information about your company's support tickets.

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If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG. — Bill Gates